Flex I/O Quad CXP-6 Enhanced

Four-connection CXP-6 enhanced frame grabber
  • PoCXP power supply increased to 64W
  • More GPIO hardware interface
  • Upgraded GPIO control logic
  • SKU: 118200000
How to purchase:
  • Email:sales@magewell-industry.com
  • Supports a maximum connection of 4 cameras to a single card
  • Supports the CoaXPress 1.1/2.0 protocol standard
  • Supports up to 2500MB/s camera transfer bandwidth with four CoaXPress CXP-6 (up to 6.25 Gpbs) camera connections
  • Supports up to 3300MB/s bus bandwidth with the full-height PCIe card and PCIe Gen 3 x4 interface
  • Magewell Flex I/O Viewer client, compatible with all types of CXP industrial cameras, supports parameter configuration and preview.
  • Magewell Flex DMA PCIe transmission engine completes frame capture and transmission by hardware, no CPU usage.
  • Supports disordered industrial camera cable connections
  • Supports GenTL Producer and GenICam programming interfaces
Supported Camera
  • Supports Aera-scan cameras and Line-scan cameras
  • Supports Grayscale cameras and color cameras (YCbCr, YUV, RGB and Bayer CFA)
  • Tap supports 1X-1Y, 1X-1Y2, 1X-2YE
Firmware Type
  • 4d4s:
    • AAAA mode: one 1- or 2- or 4-connection camera
    • AABB mode: two 1- and 2-connection cameras
    • AABC mode: one 1- or 2-connection camera for Channel A, two 1-connection cameras for Channel B and Channel C
    • ABCD: four 1-connection cameras
    • Supports disordered cable connections
    • Supports Bayer2RGB
Built-in Image Processing
  • Little endian conversion
  • Unpacking of 10-/12-/14-bit data to 16-bit with selectable justification to LSb or MSb
  • Bayer CFA to RGB decoder: 3X3 linear interpolation method *Note: Bayer CFA to RGB function supports up to 32768 Bytes in a row.
LED Indicatorsg 4 full-color LED indicators, indicating the status of the corresponding DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors according to CXP specifications
Frame Buffers 2 x 4Gb DDR4-2400 frame buffers (1 GB)
PCIe Interface PCIe Gen 3 x4 interface, compatible with PCIe Gen 2/1 and x2, x1
I/O on PCI Bracket
  • 75Ω DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors
  • 1* DB26 Female Connector (26-pin 3-row high-density female sub-D connector)
    • 4 differential opto-isolated inputs
    • 4 differential high-speed inputs
    • 3 differential opto-isolated outputs
    • 2 single-ended TTL/LVTTL inputs/outputs
    • 12V and GND
I/O on PCB
  • 1* 2x13 2.54mm pitch connector
    • 4 differential opto-isolated inputs
    • 4 differential high-speed inputs
    • 3 differential opto-isolated outputs
    • 2 single-ended TTL/LVTTL inputs/outputs
    • 12V to GND
  • 1* 2x3 2.54 pitch connector, containing 4 multi-card synchronization interfaces
PoCXP Power Input A +12V power source must be connected to the AUXILIARY POWER INPUT connector using a 6-pin PEG cable
Supporting Software Flex I/O Viewer: compatible with all types of CXP industrial cameras, supporting parameter configuration and preview
Development Interface GenTL Producer and GenICam: support for Halcon, MVS, and many others
Development Samples Provides C/C++ secondary development sample source program
Operating Systems Windows 10/11/Server 2019(x64)
Other Functions Supports cascading through IO interfaces and synchronized acquisition trigger for multiple cards
Dimensions 144.8mm x 104.9mm
Fan Reports FPGA temperature and fan speed information, with the ability to set fan speed manually
Power Consumption The capture card uses PCIe + 12V power supply. The power consumption of the whole card depends on the firmware, with the typical power consumption ≤ 20W.
Working Environment
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 50 deg C
  • Storage temperature: -15 to 85 deg C
  • Relative Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing