Flex I/O Dual CL

Dual-connection Camera Link frame grabber
  • Supports 2 Base or 1 Medium, Full, 80-bit(Deca)
  • Comprehensive TapGeometry format support
  • SKU: 119000000
How to purchase:
  • Email:sales@magewell-industry.com
Camera Ports
  • Input ports: 2* Shrunk Delta Ribbon (SDR)
  • Transfer speed:
    • Base: Up to 2.0Gb/s @85MH
    • Medium: Up to 4.8Gb/s @85MHz
    • Full: Up to 5.4Gb/s@85MHz
    • 80bit Deca: Up to 6.8Gb/s@85MHz
  • Supported protocol: Camera Link 2.1 and below
  • Transfer mode:
    • One camera: 80-bit / 72-bit / Full / Medium / Base
    • Two cameras: Base
  • Max. number of cameras: 2
  • Camera type:
    • Area-scan cameras: Grayscale and color (RGB and Bayer CFA)
    • Line-scan cameras: Grayscale and color (RGB)
  • Tap support: Full support of TapGeometry formats
  • Pixel depth: 8/10/12/14/16 bit
  • Pixel clock: 20MHz-85MHz
Camera Trigger and Control
  • Support software trigger and external hardware trigger
  • Support rotary encoder with built-in frequency multiplication and frequency division function
  • Provide output IO, supporting accurate control of external light source
Power over Camera Link (PoCL)
  • Power per channel: 4W@12V
  • Two independent controllers
  • PoCL device detection and automatic power-on
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • Power supply mode: 6-pin PEG
Host Ports
  • Host bus: PCIe Gen 2 x4
  • Performance: 1730MB/s (continuous transfer bandwidth)
  • Transfer engine: Flex DMA PCIe, with frame capture and transmission completed by hardware, no CPU occupation
General Purpose Inputs and Outputs (GPIO)
  • 1* 26-pin 3-row high-density female sub-D connector

    • 4* isolated inputs (IIN)
    • 4* differential inputs (DIN)
    • 3* isolated outputs (IOUT)
    • 2* single-end TTL inputs/outputs (TTLIO)
    • 12V power supply and GND
  • 1* 26-pin 2-row 0.1" pitch pin header with shrouding

    • 4* isolated inputs (IIN)
    • 4* differential inputs (DIN)
    • 3* isolated outputs (IOUT)
    • 2* single-end TTL inputs/outputs (TTLIO)
    • 12V power supply and GND
Multi-card Synchronization Built-in 2x3 2.54 spacing connector interfaces, achieving accurate synchronization of camera trigger and capture by multiple capture cards
On-board Memory 256M
Included Software Flex I/O Viewer: Support parameter configuration and preview
  • Standard: GenICam
  • APIs: GenTL Producer, GenApi
  • Supported software: Halcon, MVS, etc.
  • Development applications: C/C++/C#
Firmware Update Provide single-camera firmware and two-camera firmware which are updated through firmware management software
Recommended OS Windows 7/10/11/Server 2019(x64)
LED Indicators 2 three-color LED, indicating the working status of 2 ports.
Dimensions 139.7mm x 102.92mm
Cooling Air cooling, fan-cooled heatsink
Power Consumption Typical power ≤ 10W
Working Environment
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 50 deg C
  • Storage temperature: -15 to 85 deg C
  • Relative Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing