Founded in 2011, Magewell designs and develops hardware and software for video and audio capture, conversion and streaming in the broadcast, production and professional AV markets. Magewell provides products and technical services to users and OEM manufacturers from more than 50 countries and regions, and we have won the reputation of global customers. Since 2022, Magewell Industry Division has been established and dedicated to applying Magewell's rich experience in hardware and software development to provide high-quality products and technology to industrial customers.

Our Values

In Magewell, we are guided by three core principles:
Ongoing Innovation
At the cutting edge of industry technology, Magewell is continuously innovating to develop more professional products for our valued customers.
Superior User Experience
Magewell always listens to our customers. While ensuring the stability and reliability of the products, we are committed to designing intuitive UI and APIs that are in line with different user habits.
Broad Integration Partnership
Actively participating in the construction of the industry eco-system, Magewell champions industry standards in its design and production, and holds a positive attitude towards the integration of products and technologies with third parties.