Compatible with CoaXPress and Camera Link Cameras for Wide Applications

The products are fully compatible with monochrome, color (Bayer/RGB) area-scan and line-scan cameras. Flex I/O Quad CXP-6 and Flex I/O Quad CXP-12 both have four high-speed CoaXPress input interfaces, which can automatically detect and reorder the incoming industrial camera line sequence, supporting up to 2500 MB/s (CXP-6) or 5000 MB/s (CXP-12) of camera bandwidth. Flex I/O CXP-QSFP+ provides one QSFP+ camera connector and one QSFP+ forwarding connector, supporting up to 5,000 MB/s of camera bandwidth. Flex I/O Dual CL supports single and dual camera transmission modes, with interface speeds up to 6.8Gb/ s@85MHz. Flex I/O family is suitable for demanding machine vision applications such as 3C consumer electronics, lithium batteries, semiconductors, and FPD displays.

Higher Transmission Efficiency, Lower CPU Usage, More Stable High-speed Transmission

The CoaXPress frame grabbers are equipped with high bandwidth PCIe host interface, supporting bus bandwidth of up to 3330 MB/s to 6700 MB/s, making it easy to achieve high-capacity data transmission. Unlike traditional Block DMA transmission, Magewell's Flex DMA engine uses Scatter-gather DMA to guarantee continuous data read/write between the frame grabber and the computer host, greatly reducing the burden on the CPU and ensuring high-speed transmission without frame loss.

GenICam Standard Making Software Development Easier

The driver complies with GenICam standard and is compatible with common machine vision software. Magewell provides GenApi compliant client MV Flex IO Viewer and supporting monitoring tools to reduce the difficulty of client development and help developers to achieve high quality image acquisition and access to industrial cameras and parameter settings. Magewell SDK provides standard C interface and supports direct access to multiple programming languages, such as C/C++, C# and Python.